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Refuse Truck Needed ASAP For New 10 Year Contract In Dorset!

When W&S Recycling Services recently won a 10-year contract from the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) to continue operating its Household Recycling Centres (HRC), the company immediately looked to refresh and expand its fleet with new vehicles. However, faced with lead times of 6 months or more from vehicle manufacturers, the company needed a quick solution. Fortunately Refuse Vehicle Solutions Ltd (RVS) and its RediTruck service provided the answer.

Andrew Tyers, Operations Manager, W&S Recycling: “We were looking to hire vehicles as the new vehicles we had ordered hadn’t arrived. We heard about RVS and their RediTRuck service so we gave them a call. They had the exact vehicle we needed in stock with the correct specification. It’s very rare to get the right vehicle ‘off the shelf’. It was delivered within a matter of days and is in operation on our new contract.”

The vehicle supplied by RVS was a 2016 DAF CF, Olympus 23w body fitted with a Beta Trade bin lift.

RVS supplies cost effective refuse vehicles, New from stock (RediTruck), Remanufactured, or Quality Used, as well as the complete range of support services including vehicle hire, contract hire & maintenance, repairs & service, parts and finance. RediTruck was introduced to provide a rolling stock of brand new vehicles available for customers to drive away immediately.

Spencer Law, Managing Director, RVS said: “We found that when our customers needed to refresh their fleet with a new vehicle they can wait up to 9 months for a vehicle direct from the manufacturers. Also, the vehicle needs to be properly specified with the correct equipment to be ready for work. We know our customers’ businesses and we know what kind of vehicles they need so we can do all of that for them. We can order the vehicles in advance and keep them in stock because we always have customers who will need them.”

The Dorset Waste Partnership has 11 household recycling centres across the county receiving over 65,000 tonnes of household waste last year. Of that amount 47,000 tonnes was recycled or composted. W&S Recycling will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the HRC’s, which includes helping visitors, making sure each site is safe and removing the waste once it has been dropped off.

Andrew Tyers added: “I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to RVS again for more vehicles or to use their other services.”

For further information about RediTruck, Hire Vehicles or any other service contact RVS on 01453 899 131



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